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Dr Kyle Stewart left Colyton Grammar School in 2004 and went onto complete a Bachelor degrees in medical science and medicine at the university of Birmingham.

He qualified as a fully registered GP and member of the Royal College of General Practitioners in August 2019, now working part time as a GP in South Devon. He was awarded last year second place for GP trainee of the year in England. 

Kyle was in the first cohort of NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur Fellows, and still continues this fellowship, alongside founding and being CEO of a new venture, Watercress Research Limited which aims to derive new medical therapies from novel compounds in Watercress. This work was in part derived from Dr Stewart’s ongoing Research Fellowship in Theoretical Medicine at the University of Exeter, with particular interest in reactive Nitrogen species.


Dr Stewart lives with his partner Elizabeth in Devonport, Plymouth and is a keen power lifter, fisherman and pool player in his very infrequent spare time.

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