Dr Williamson is a Registered Nutritionist with a Masters’ degree from King’s College, London, working to inform and inspire better health for all.


Previously a Vet and with a family of her own, she understands the need for practical, evidence-based nutrition advice amid busy lives. Fascinated by food, sharing nutrition knowledge is her passion!


Her Nutrition Consultancy aims to promote happier, healthier lives by sharing an understanding of sustainable, good food choices amid confusing ‘healthy eating’ messages. In addition, her Food Links initiative shares the science behind great British food, working with local food producers to promote the importance of a diet rich in nutrients from plant-based sources as well as fish, dairy, eggs and beef.


Come along to find out about all the health benefits of watercress from boosting your immunity and sports performance, to its fabulous detox ability!


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Lucy's Watercress Smoothie

Makes 2 Smoothies 


Watercress Smoothie Makes 2 smoothies

100g Watercress

2 ripe pears  ( or 3 canned pears without juice)

50 – 60g frozen peas

20g walnuts

1/8th cucumber  skin on

1 tbsp dates

3 tbsp cold water 


Put all the ingredients into a blender, and blitz until smooth.


Add a little extra water if required, or same volume milk of your choice for a creamier smoothie.  


Drink immediately, to enjoy the vibrant colour, delicious creamy texture & maximum nutrients from the watercress.


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