Our Sustainability Statement



If you are travelling by car, please make sure you fill up with passengers. The parking fees are per car and from the P&R at Ropley include travel by train or coach to the festival. When queuing for car parks we ask you to turn off your engines.


There is a cycle rack at East Street car park for you to securely leave your bikes.



Preference will always be given to traders who use organic, seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients and we will favour traders who are committed to sustainable practices.

By 2023 we will ensure that all our food traders eliminate single-use plastic, using bio-degradable alternatives which must be recycled where possible. We encourage all our food concessions to source local produce wherever possible or alternatively Fairtrade produce. In the meantime, we ask traders to work with us towards our aims and to endeavor to source alternative products where necessary. This should include:


  • All food containers, packaging, plates, cutlery and ancillary items, must be fully compostable.

  • Drinks containers should be recyclable; recyclable plastic is preferable to biodegradable plastic. If biodegradable drink containers are used, this should be clearly indicated.

  • Use paper straws or, preferably, no straws.

  • Only sell cans or glass bottles and, if practical and appropriate, encourage consumers to use their own reusable bottles.

  • Eliminate the use of plastic bags. Instead, offer paper bags or consider reusable alternatives such as hessian or canvas, that you can offer for sale as a sustainable option.

  • Only use paper condiment sachets or offer products from reusable and refillable containers, not plastic.

  • A number of businesses in Alresford support the water refill initiative so we encourage our visitors to bring their own reusable water bottles and fill up for free.


Reducing meat and dairy consumption will help reduce climate impacts associated with food, and the festival now offers vegetarian and vegan stalls to complement the traditional stalls.



All site waste and rubbish is dealt with by Biffa – please see their site for full details of their recycling policies


The festival is reducing printed material and using digital communications wherever possible.


Are encouraged to leave our town as they find it.


Our ongoing objectives include:


  • Phasing out the use of unnecessary single-use plastics, and encouraging all our partners to go plastic-free, and transition from SUPs to sustainable alternatives.

  • Reducing energy consumption by eliminating the use of generators.

  • Encouraging our suppliers to support sustainable practices.

  • Raising awareness of environmentally responsible practices.

  • Preventing pollution and particularly ensuring litter arising from events is collected and does not contaminate the local environment.

  • Traders to sell only British/Red Tractor or equivalent certified produce.