Watercress Week

Vitacress Offer

To help you create the recipes featured in any of our demonstrations or shown on our recipe page at home, Vitacress Salads are offering a £5.00 Sainsbury’s voucher for you to buy your own fresh watercress. To receive your voucher, please email info@vitacress.com with your name, address, and a contact email address for us to send the voucher to. This is for the first 100 people to email and only one voucher per household!  Applicable to UK residents only.  Vitacress is one of Europe's leading suppliers of fresh produce, specialising in watercress and salads.

Monday 17th May 2021 - Sunday 23rd May 2021


We hope you have enjoyed our virtual Watercress Week. During the watercress week, the committee delivered a series of presentations, videos, music and cookery demonstrations. These can be watched again by clicking on the relevant link. Missing presentations will be uploaded in due course. 

The Chairman's welcome - click here

Meet the committee - do join us as we introduce ourselves and the week ahead, so click here for a giggle and click here as our lovely Gill gets all poetic about water – rather appropriate as it is Water Saving Week     

Join the Vitacress team on the watercress journey  - starting with planting. Click here to view the video.   


Davina Tibbetts will demonstrate her famous watercress salad, along with several other fantastic recipes. All of which can be found on this website.  Please click here to enjoy the demonstration.    


Some of the committee members talk about the festival – the ups and downs including an interview with Jon from the Alresford Ukulele Jam. Click here and then click here to start the festival feeling with a watercress bed set from AUJ with Sweet Home Alabahama. 


Dr Kyle with the Watercress Research story.  The video of this presentation will be available to view at a later stage. 


Join the Watercress Way as they offer a walking tour of Alresford - visiting a couple of watercress beds on the way.  Click here to watch the video version of the live presentation from Kim Adams.  A really lovely dry walk from the comfort of your sofa. 

Committee favourite bits part 2! Click here

Andy McKenzie & Phil Yeomans from Lainston House will demonstrate the use of their wood-burning stove with a stunning watercress chimichurri recipe, along with watercress breadsticks.  Please click here to watch them in action.     


Alresford Ukulele Jam performs Riptide - another fantastic song for you. Click here to join in.

Dr Kyle talks about Protein in Watercress.  Join us live for another informative talk about the many wonders of watercress.  The video of this presentation will be available to view at a later stage


Stage two of the Vitacress watercress journey - join the team as they explain how to grow watercress. Click here to view the video.   


And another Alresford Ukulele Jam performance to entertain you with their version of Shake it off. Click here. 

Meet Sue Ambrose,  who will give you a look at their local farm, please click here for the farm video.  Then take a look at their famous watercress, pork, and apple sausages, along with many others. Please click here to join Sue.  This is followed by another of Davina’s cookery demonstrations involving watercress pesto, fresh linguine, and Sues wonderful sausages.  A healthy and speedy supper.  Please click here to enjoy the demonstration.  


Whoopee - The Boys are back in town - delivering Lonely Boy it's our very own AUJ - click here whilst you wait for our next live session on Water Saving. 

Dr Kyle & local Nutritional Therapist Kaye Osborne will host a live session discussing the potential oral uses and health benefits of watercress.  The video of this presentation will be available to view at a later stage.


Water-Saving Gardening for Wildlife. As the weather grows warmer, many of us will be reaching for the garden hose. But did you know that doing so could impact our freshwater wildlife? Join Maggie and Kathryn from the Watercress and Winterbournes chalk stream scheme, and discover how to save water when getting green-fingered. Learn simple ways to use water wisely, giving your wallet and our wildlife a boost this summer.   We hope this will be made available to watch at a later stage. 


A wonderful hello from the local Girl Guide troop - our newest member of the Alresford Watercress Festival team is Chloe.  Chloe also volunteers with Girl Guides and 2019 was their first festival with us.  Join them here as they say hello to you all. 

In today's video, the Vitacress team demonstrates and explains the harvesting of this unique crop. Click here to view the video.   

Delighted to introduce Becca Hoddinott of The Natural Cook Company for a live cookery demonstration.  The recording from this session will be online at a later stage. 

Naomi, of Naomi's Preserves, demonstrates one of the many uses of her award-winning Watercress Pesto. A mouth-watering salmon en croute will be on the menu tonight for Naomis family - join her here as she talks through her recipe, along with other uses for her amazing pesto. 


Simon Evans of The Naked Grape, gives an insight into watercress-based drinks.   Settle back with a glass of something and join Simon by clicking here and follow this up with All the Small Things from AUJ. Click here to get the party started

Gut Café with Lucy Williamson.  Lucy hosts a Gut Health event with practical ideas and your questions answered; showcasing Watercress! Bring a coffee and enjoy! This presentation was not recorded but Lucy offers many talks which can be found via her website. . 

Davina returns for the last time with the quickest of Watercress Chutney recipes – tried and tested this is one of Davina’s favourites so click here to view the demonstration.    


In the Mix - Nick creates a Watercress Festival signature cocktail with local watercress gin. Grab your shaker and learn from a professional -  to watch this demonstration click here

Do take a look at the Vitacress Environmental video; Watercress grown on chalk streams. Click here to view the video. 

The end of our Watercress Week Festival and as a fond farewell the AUJ will recreate that Sunday afternoon in the sun feeling ... or rain!  - Click here


Do take a look at the Clash of the Titans Watercress Eating Competition via this link

Whilst you are here do please take a look at our festival charity, Abbys Heroes, video and if possible make a small donation to them -  click here.